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Attention to detail is King when Damp proofing.

Paying attention to the small details is always fundamental when completing any form of Damp proofing but never more so than in Basement and Cellar works. We recently completed a Free of charge survey on an unoccupied Basement that has had numerous details to cure damp over many years, most with no or little success.

The main problem with previous works had been the lack of diversity in their approach, with issues of Condensation, Rising and Penetrating damp one solution would not fit all. Another obvious failing was that even where areas had been treated correctly they had not allowed for bridging from more vulnerable areas adjacent to their works. It is no good treating a wall for rising damp and replacing the plaster if its in contact with a vaulted ceiling thats allowing penetrating damp in.

Our specification was detailed and included removing existing plasterbioard and plastered walls, inserting a Damp proof course (DPC) where Rising damp was present, repairing external features that had allowed moisture to ingress. The main areas had cavity drain memnbrane installed with adhered moisture or plasterboard and adjoing exposed brickwork was treated with specialist paints, rsins and tanking products. Condensation had allowed mould to form so areas where cleaned down with a Mould wash and extractionn was upgraded.

Even following the heavy rainfall we have had recently the area remains dry and a tenant is due to move in soon so if you have issues relating to Damp or Condensation why not message or call us for advice or a Free of Charge Damp survey ?

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