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Breath easy, the next step with PIV.

We have been solving Condensation and Mould problems in Somerset & Dorset for over 10 years now and pride ourselves on keeping up with the latest technology. In medium to severe cases one of our most succesful specifications is the installation of a Positive Input Ventilation System (PIV).

The most popular, and in our opinion, most superior unit is the Nuaire Drimaster, a loft mounted unit that constantly forces the moist air out of your property. Whilst Nuaire have always been at the forefront of PIV technology they have now taken a massive step forward with their latest product. The NOX filter kit, this can be retro fitted to existing Drimasters (Blue & Green units) and massively improves the indoor air quality of a home.

Filtering the air that is sent into your property, through the unit, by removing hazardous pollutants generated by traffic and industry. Condensation is removed and air quality improved.

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