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We like to think of ourselves as Condensation control & Mould eradication specilaists as we are constantly searching manufacturers and suppliers for the latest methods and equipment to fix your condensation problems. Often we will recommend a DIY solution which may be as simple as some lifestyle changes but in severe cases mechanical intervention is the only solution.

Recently we were tasked with the installation of a Heat recovery ventilation unit to the loft of a Yeovil  bungalow. Mould had plagued the property on walls and ceilings and sills had been sodden in the mornings with water running off the windows. The property had been extended from an original 1950s build and now included an ensuite and utility room however even after extensive building works no extraction had been installed in any of the 'wet' rooms (kitchen, bathrooms).

The chosen system was an Envirovent energiSava 250, this is a heat recovery unit from which ducting is laid to all rooms and ceiling diffusers are installed. Fresh air is drawn in through an external ducted grill into the unit and at the same time air is extracted from the 'wet' rooms. The energy from the extracted air is used to warm the fresh air which is then delivered to all other rooms ensuring that adequate ventition is constantly provided. Energy efficient improved indoor air quality all year round !  

Happy client with a condensation free home, if you have any damp related symptoms and you suspect condensation is the cause give us a call today or complete the survey request form, you dont have to live with this we can fix it......

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