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Crisp and Clean Cold Weather Approaching!

It's true summer is over and the cold weather is fast approaching and with it comes the scourge of mould….

Coloured moulds on handbags and shoes, fur on your delicate clothing. The backs of wardrobes and corners of your rooms plagued by mould spotting. Time to start mopping the window sills and squeegeeing the windows from the inside!

I once moved a baby’s cot from a wall while completing a survey and the pattern of the rungs remained on the wall in a thick black furry prominence, no surprise the child had a cough.


If your unlucky enough to suffer from condensation related symptoms:

  • Mould spots on ceilings, window frames, external doors.
  • Windows covered in water droplets every morning.
  • Mouldy possessions.
  • A definite ‘damp’ smell particularly in cupboards.

Then its fixable, for nearly 10 years now we have been fitting anti condensation units in houses and flats from Yeovil to Bristol. We have found that the PIV system (positive input ventilation) is the most efficient and successful and whilst we constantly monitor the industry for innovation our preferred supplier for the last 6 years have been NUAIRE, a UK based manufacturer with a fantastically reliable and energy efficient range of products.

Take a look at their range…….

A PIV system is a single unit installed in the loft, where there is one, or on an external wall if in a flat. It operates 24/7 bringing clean dry air into the property and forcing the wet air out…. they work! we have never had one fail yet and they are suitable for nearly all properties. Our favourite unit is the Drimaster heat, a loft mounted unit that will ventilate up to a 5-bedroom house.

We can also upgrade or fit new a bathroom or kitchen extractor with the latest continuous ‘trickle’ function and low energy usage.

Wessex Damp Proofing Somerset and Dorset Condensation Treatment using A Drimaster heat outlet to hallway

A Drimaster heat outlet to hallway

Don’t let condensation ruin your life let us help.

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