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Extracting to where ?

During a survey at a property in Somerset we found a number of minor damp related issues but the big problem was clearly Condensation. A musty smell on entry to the property, mould on window frames and excessive mould spotting to walls and ceilings on the first floor.

The property was an aged stone cottage so although the central heating was adequate insulation to the walls was non existant and ventilation was not being maintained. There was a bathroom to the first floor and this had a functioning timed extractor fan however further investigation found that this was certainy not helping to control moisture as it was discharging into the loft. It appeared that the ducting for the fan had broken half way along and as such all moisture extracted from the bathroom was fed back into the building through the loft. When we traced the ducting further we found that even before it had broken it had still been installed to discharge into the loft ??

Whilst this obviously contributed to the condensation related symptoms there is another potential issue and that can be the decay of structural roof timbers through Wet or Dry Rot which can be much more expensive and damaging than condensation.

If you have extractor fans installed then take the time to check where they extract to, all too often we find fans that are discharging into roof or floor voids leading to the possibility of serious structural issues. Its worth noting that many standard extractor fans will also have an output range of approximately 3m so any distance over this will reduce thier efficiency. Need advice or a Free of Charge Survey ? Give us a call today or complete the survey request form.

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