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Hot weather curing your condensation ?

The recent weather means you're most likely to of had your windows open and fans on, day and night ! Miraculously no water on the windows and sills and no new mould on the walls, handbags, shoes and window frames. If you have spent the colder months plagued by condensation issues then this will be a nice break from the norm.

With fewer cold surfaces present for warm moist air to condense and with an increase in ventilation (though it doesn't seem that way when the fan is blowing warm air around the room) as windows are left open and more time is spent outdoors instead of huddled round the TV symptoms are kept to a minimum. Washing can once again be left outside on the line to dry and showers are prefered to a bath.

Then this is the ideal time to deal with the problem that you know will return when the weather becomes colder, condensation, mould and that damp smell ! A free of charge survey will help to identify the best solution which may be as simple as some improved lifestyle choices, improved extraction in the bathroom and kitchen, insulation to external walls or the installation of a PIV unit (positive input ventilation). We can provide a full range of solutions for your property whether you have a house in Yeovil or a top floor apartment in Bristol.

Whilst we have access to all the latest products in the market we have found the Nuaire range to be particularly good when it comes to PIV units both for build quality, performance and value for money. Take a look at their range:

We have been succesfully curing condensation problems through out the south west for more than 10 years now with detailed specifications to control condensation, erradicate mould and improve the quality of air in your home so call us today or complete the survey request form. Dont wait for problems to reappear if you deal with it now then decorating is easier and prevention is certainly a lot less painful than the labourious cleaning of mouldy ceilings and walls.

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