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Rainwater goods & penetrating damp.

Probably half of all the calls we get that relate to penetrating damp (rainwater entering the building directly through the walls at any floor) have been impacted in some way by faulty or incorrectly fitted rainwater goods. Overspill from gutters and downpipes can saturate a wall and ingress the building particularly when the walls are of a solid construction.

The most common occurrance is foliage growth in the gutters or hoppers and this is always easy to see but so often just left with little thought for the impact. Whilst a cavity wall should still provide some protection we have seen numerous cases where the overflow has reduced the wall temperature promoting condensation symptoms within. Leaking joints are again easy to spot with stains and moss growth a clear indication of failure. Inadequately sized or positioned hoppers are also a common problem as they cope well in light rain but can be a real problem at times of heavy or prolonged rainfall.

If you think you have a problem with penetrating damp then check your gutters and downpipes then give us a call or complete the Free Of Charge Survey request form we can provide advice and guidance and if necessary complete remedail works for you.


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