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Timber treatment goes turbo!

We have just upgraded our timber treatment equipment with the addition of a twin piston pump including high spec delivery lances. This new system allows for faster application with better coverage and ensures we apply the correct quantity of treatment for the volume of timber.

Tried it all out right away on a loft timber treatment in Bath,a comprehensive renovation of the property found that original loft timbers had extensive signs of woodworm (Common furniture beetle) and additional support timbers needed to be installed to improve the structural integrity. Using the new equipment we applied 2 coats of a chemical wood treatment that will destroy all wood boring beetles and prevent future infestation along with the additional benefit of preventing Fungal attack (Wet & Dry rot). The comprehensive treatment was completed in a morning and the area only requires evacuation for an hour after treatment.

If you have signs of fungal or woodworm damage to timbers in your home then give us a call today or complete the survey request form, we will provide you with a full report and if necessary a fixed cost for treatment, 0800 161 3078.

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