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Woodworm leaving clues !

We recieved a request to complete a Free Of Charge Timber survey on the ceiling joists in a large workshop/garage the client believed that there was woodworm as small holes had started to appear.

After carrying out a comprehensive inspection we diagnosed that there was indeed a woodboring beetle infestation and that it was active ! From the size of the exit holes it was most likely to be Common furniture beetle (Anobium Punctatum).

We often find holes in exposed timbers in lofts, floor voids and floorboards but the big question is always 'is it new or historical evidence?' Well in this case it was clearly new activity, there where multiple areas with holes visible and for the most part they appeared 'bright' often when the evidence is historical the hole becomes dark. The best signs of all though where the patches of dust know as Frass collected on fixtures below and on the many cobwebs between the joists.

Report submitted, treatment agreed and job completed, if you have any worries about structural timbers in your home then call us today to arrange a visit 0800 161 3078 or complete the survey request form and we will call you to arrange a convenient time to call.

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