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The wrong plaster?

A Yeovil client contacted us with a damp issue to a small section of wall from their kitchen to an extension.

The symptoms presented where a combination of stains at approximately 1.8m and some peeling paint, a Protimeter was used to test the wall and high meter readings where recorded though in a sporadic pattern. There was also further staining above the kicthen window which was clearly as a result of penetrating damp. A written report with a quotation and specification was provided and we where asked to complete the works.

The external elevation was treated with an external water repellant called Enviroseal and any visible holes in the mortar lines filled.

When the internal wall was stripped of plaster it was found that when the extension had been built a bagged plaster known as Hardwall had been used and this had allowed for both ingress from the external wall and from a floor bridge. As a belt and braces approach we applied a tanking slurry, sand/cement render and finished with a top coat skim plaster.

The original quotation price was not changed and the client was presented with a dry wall.

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