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Damp proofing in Taunton

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Taunton, Somerset

We provided a client with a free of charge damp and timber survey for a rental property in Taunton, Somerset. At the time of survey the house was occupied and our survey identified damp issues to the front bay window area and to the rear external wall in the rear reception.

The issues found are really common in this type of Victorian brick built terrace, to the rear of the property there is a boundary wall at the party line and where this is tied into the wall of the house no allowance was made for a damp proof membrane/course. This is often easy to spot with a stain in an arc shape from the external wall travelling along the party wall, a Protimeter was used to test the internal plaster and high meter readings where noted. Plaster was removed to just over a metre high, a vertical and horizontal damp proof course (DPC) injection was installed and plaster was reinstated.

As is all too common with this type and age of build the front bay window wall had signs of a number of issues, rising damp, penetrating damp and condensation related mould growth! We took a 'belt and braces' approach here removing the plaster to all 3 sides of the bay. A DPC injection was installed, external pointing was replaced and to help control the condensation issue we fitted a Newton mesh membrane to the exposed brickwork and adhered 22mm insulated plasterboard to this applying a plaster coat to complete. The improved insulation will stop mould forming in this area and the client was given advice on controlling moisture levels in the building which should remove all condensation related problems. 

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