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Elevated external ground level ? - Structural waterproofing !

Customer Name: 
Mr Giles
Bridport, Dorset

Allready well into a project to extend his home into an adjoining outbuilding a client asked us to provide some advice on how he could stop water from entering his building everytime it rained. A concrete slab had been laid with a DPM (damp proof membrane) and the builders had applied a rubber bitumen style product to the wall/floor junction. Externally to two elevation the ground level was higher than the internal floor and it was these walls that had evidence of water ingress.

Our inspection and subsequent report noted that there was a weak floor/wall junction seal and both rising and penetrating damp was present in the lower sections of the wall. We provided a specification that included a damp proof course (DPC) injection, thorough preparation of the walls and floor (this was the most time consuming element of the work as we had to remove all of the previously applied bitumen!). A base  coat of sand/cement render was applied followed by multiple coats of a tanking slurry then a top coat of sand/cement render to reduce the chance of condensation forming. Internal studwork with insulation was to be installed for the finish. The exposed DPM was cut back and a fillet seal was installed to the floor/wall junction.

Only a day after our work was completed the area was subjected to heavy prolonged rainfall and the client informed us that evrything had remaind dry, job well done.....

If you have water entering your building then give us a call we will be pleased to provide advice or a Free of charge survey with written report.

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