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There is nothing worse than problems with your neighbours and when those problems revolve around NOISE it can be a real issue that ruins your life. Following a recent request by a client we installed a high specification Soundproofing system to all party walls on one side of his property.

Once the type of noise has been established (TV, talking, barking dogs, thumps and bumps) it usually occupies one or both main catagories, airbourne noise or impact noise such as collisions with walls and floors then a detail can be put together.

In this case it was decided to construct a completely independent wall against all four party walls using timber framework. Acoustic insulation was laid between the timbers which had been fixed to the floor, ceiling and partition walls and they had also been isolated by the use of a specilist isolation strip. The Reductoclip system was fitted to the timbers which incorporates a special clip which retains a furring bar allowing the installation of plasterboard without contact to the timber frame. To this we installed 15mm acoustic grade plasterboard followed by a layer of Tecsound SY100 which is a self adhesive high mass sheet, another layer of 15mm acoustic plasterboard was added. All gaps are sealed with an acoustic sealant and the boards are then skimmed, skirting is refitted and carpet relaid.

This is an excellent system and has proven to be very succesful at reducing noise with imediate and noticeable results, it has the added benefit of improving insulation and as such any walls previously bothered by Condensation mold are greatly improved. This particular specification does mean that the room width will be reduced by aproximately 120mm but thats a small price to pay for an improved quality of life.

For Soundproofing, Insulation, Damp & Condensation issues we can advise and assist you. We cover the whole of Somerset and will provide an Honest and accurate diagnosis and solution to your problems so please call or message us today.

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