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Penetrating Damp in Bristol

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Bristol, Somerset

We were asked by a Bristol letting agent to complete a survey on a one-bedroom ground floor flat converted from an end of terraced house.

The property had been recently refurbished and was unoccupied at the time of survey. There where sporadic damp patches visible on a number of walls within the property though the stains where particularly prominent on the external walls. The refurbishment had included the process of ‘dot & dab’ when plasterboard is fixed to walls using adhesive and as such this made diagnosis difficult without invasive works. With a tenant moving in imminently the works where planned for a later date and with restricted space in the property the works to the bedroom where prioritised which were designed to remove the penetrating damp.

With a small window available for works (48 hrs) fixtures and fittings where removed from the bedroom external wall a cavity drain membrane was installed and 22mm insulated board was adhered to this, the following day the boards where skimmed. Dust and disruption was minimal and the tenant was not required to move out during works.

All penetrating damp symptoms were removed and the improved insulation would help to reduce condensation related mould spotting.

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