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Timber floor repairs in Yeovil.

Yeovil, Somerset

Following a FREE survey request we completed a comprehensive damp and timber survey at a mid terraced house in Yeovil, which had recently become unoccupied. Our written report indicated areas that had evidence of Rising damp, Condensation and Timber floor structutre degradation due to both Woodworm and Wet rot

The most severe problem was excessive movement in an area of floor leading from the dining room into the kitchen. The dining room floor, along with the front reception was of a timber suspended construction. Invasive investigation found that a number of joists, that floorboards where nailed to, had become so badly decayed that they would crumble to the touch, there was clear visible evidence of wood boring beetle activity and the flight hole size identified Common furniture beetle. The joists where originally supported by timbers in contact with and laid to the brick structure know as Wall Plates however in this area they had become so rotten that they where just a pile of dust. Wet rot caused by Rising damp had completely destroyed them.

Our specification was accepted and we lifted flooring and removed all damaged and decaying timbers, cutting back a metre from the last signs of degradation. The Rising damp was treated with a chemical damp proof course injection (DPC) and new pre-treated joists and wall plates where fitted. All existing and replacement timbers where then treated with Microtech Dual a wood treatment to prevent both woodworm and wet rot. A damp proof membrane was inserted where timbers would come into contact with masonry and new floorboards where laid as required.

Whilst this dealt with the immediate timber issues the report had also noted that the airbricks to both the front and rear elevations of the property where either obscured or non existent and as such an additional airbrick was inserted to the rear and bricks to the front where cleared of debris. Sub floor ventilation which is provided by airbricks is essential to prevent timber decay and their importance is often overlooked particularly when extensions and conservatories are added.

If you have excessive movement in a timber floor or have missing or covered airbricks then call us today or complete the survey request form to arrange a Free of charge survey.

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