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Wet Rot attack

Customer Name: 
Mrs Bradford
Bridport, Dorset

Whilst Dry rot holds the title for the king of timber destruction Wet rot is definately a contender, as we found after a Damp & Timber survey on a ground floor apartment. The inspection found 'tide mark' type stains to walls and visible fungal growths emerging from behind skirting boards and architrave. Wet rot is a general term for the decay of timber due to moisture ingress and covers a variety of fungal species.

The majority of issues where related to the bathroom walls but included adjoining walls both partition and external. Meter readings taken on the masonry walls indicated a pattern common to rising damp, skirting boards were soft and spongy and broke down easily. A complete removal of the bathroom was required as the rear wall had studwork to hide pipework, the invasive works that followed found that there had been multiple faults in the bathroom installation which meant leaks were inevitable. It was also reported that the whole property had been subject to drainage problems and this was apparent in the communal hallways with further visible degradation, extensive inspections and repairs had been completed to all drainage prior to our arrival.

After removing the bathroom fixtures we took up skirting, removed architrave and door liners and hacked off tiles and plaster. The internal floor level, which was of solid construction, appeared to of exceeded the original damp proof course (DPC) and door liners where 20-30mm below the floor level which suggested that an additional floor screed had been laid at some time.

With all degraded timber and plaster removed we sterilsed existing timbers and exposed masonry, a chemical damp proof course was injected and plaster was replaced which included a salt inhibiting additive. A fillet seal was installed to the floor/wall junction to remove the vulnerability created by the additional floor screed.

Debris was removed from site and a dry and decay free apartment was handed back to a happy client. Dont ingnore the smallest of leaks or the appearance of degraded skirting boards because it can cost you a lot more than you think ! Call us today to arrange a Free of charge Survey 0800 161 3078.

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