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Woodworm treatment

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Swindon, Wiltshire.

We where asked to investgate floor damage to a timber structure kitchen floor in a terraced house in Swindon. A number of floorboards had cracked and in places fallen through, some areas where crumbling when touched. A free of charge damp and timber survey was completed and a written report provided for the client.

Investigation found that there had been previous extensive repairs to a section of the floor and boards had been replaced with flooring chipboard sheets. Our inspection found boards with flight holes common to wood boring beetle and with the size and shape of the hole indicating the presence of Anobium punctatum commonly grouped within the woodworm title. This particular beetle will bore into mainly softwood, when in its laval stage, and can remain feeding on the timber unseen for a number of years. A hole is formed when the adult beetle vacates and a dust is also noted at this point, the presence of the dust is the easiest way to identify if infestation is active or historical.

The floor void had no sub floor ventilation which is essential to prevent both condensation forming on the underneath of boards and to reduce the chances of wet and dry rot, common furniture beetle also has a preference for damp timber! The rear of the property, adjacent to the kitchen, was now the bathroom in what appeared to be an extension and the kitchen door now opens into a conservatory which was originally the outside yard. These alterations are likely to of concealed airbricks which would of provided sub floor ventilation at the time of construction this is a common mistake when extensions and conservatories are added.

Damaged and degraded boards where removed and as an additional safety measure three pretreated joists where inserted to strengthen the existing structure. A chemical timber treatment was applied to all floor boards and joists, this will prevent both woodworm and wet or dry rot from affecting the timbers. New boards where fitted as required and as no external walls are available for airbricks ventilation was provided by installing vents to the floor surface below the kitchen units.

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