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Damp Proofing

Damp prevention tips.

Damp prevention tip sheet

We offer a comprehensive damp proofing service incorporating the latest materials and techniques available, but we are also here to offer advice and information. As a home owner it may be possible for you to reduce symptoms of damp related issues through regular maintenance and some considerations in your external landscaping and internal disciplines.

1.      Rainwater goods:

Wet Rot attack

Whilst Dry rot holds the title for the king of timber destruction Wet rot is definately a contender, as we found after a Damp & Timber survey on a ground floor apartment. The inspection found 'tide mark' type stains to walls and visible fungal growths emerging from behind skirting boards and architrave. Wet rot is a general term for the decay of timber due to moisture ingress and covers a variety of fungal species.

Rainwater goods & penetrating damp.

Probably half of all the calls we get that relate to penetrating damp (rainwater entering the building directly through the walls at any floor) have been impacted in some way by faulty or incorrectly fitted rainwater goods. Overspill from gutters and downpipes can saturate a wall and ingress the building particularly when the walls are of a solid construction.

Elevated external ground levels !

The landscaping of gardens and driveways can also have a massive impact on how we keep our properties dry. Large planters and raised beds, adjoining a building, can bridge damp proof courses and as they take in rainwater they are damp most of the time. We where asked to investigate some visible damp signs in a large end of terraced stone cottage and after completing a Free Of Charge Survey an elevated ground level was found to be the main problem.

Failed Damp Proof Membrane ?

200MM of concrete in your floor slab will not protect you from Rising Damp without an appropriate Damp Proof Membrane (DPM) this was exactly what we discovered following a Free of charge survey at a property in Bristol. The building was a self contained annex built in the last 10 years and from early on the ower had no end of damp related issues with wet carpets and mould to the walls, losing valuable revenue from exiting tenants and the replacement flooring and redecorating.

Damp & Timber survey

We offer a Free of charge Damp and Timber survey, with a written report, in a clear and easy to understand format. But if you choose to use an alternative company either free or paid  what should you expect to see in that report.

All surveyors will have there own methods and routines but essentially all reports should include the following, some of this seems obvious but believe me we have seen all manner of reports with the simplest of details missing.

Rising damp treatment in Swindon.

Whilst we always provide a full and comprehensive specification of works we can reduce the works on request and still provide a guarantee. Recently after providing a pre-purchase Damp & Timber survey for a mid terraced house in central Swindon rising damp was identified as the main problem and we provided a full report with a detailed level of works.

The wrong plaster?

A Yeovil client contacted us with a damp issue to a small section of wall from their kitchen to an extension.

The symptoms presented where a combination of stains at approximately 1.8m and some peeling paint, a Protimeter was used to test the wall and high meter readings where recorded though in a sporadic pattern. There was also further staining above the kicthen window which was clearly as a result of penetrating damp. A written report with a quotation and specification was provided and we where asked to complete the works.