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Timber !!

Our Free Of Charge Damp & Timber survey was requested on a conversion project. From the first and second floor of a large period property the client was developing 2 self contained flats. Floorboards where lifted and sections of ceiling and under roof boarding was removed to allow a thorough inspection. Armed with magnifying glass and torch rafters, joists and exposed studwork where examined forany signs of woodworm or rot.

Woodworm leaving clues !

We recieved a request to complete a Free Of Charge Timber survey on the ceiling joists in a large workshop/garage the client believed that there was woodworm as small holes had started to appear.

After carrying out a comprehensive inspection we diagnosed that there was indeed a woodboring beetle infestation and that it was active ! From the size of the exit holes it was most likely to be Common furniture beetle (Anobium Punctatum).

What can happen when you have no sub floor ventilation !

If you take a look at the exposed elevations of a property you will often see airbricks at or around internal floor level, though these are mostly found in older properties, they are there to provide ventilation to a timber floor structure and commonly function by allowing air to pass under the floor between front and rear walls. We regularly see that extensions to the rear or side of a property can obscure the airbricks as can elevated ground levels or plants and shrubs.

Timber floor repairs in Yeovil.

Following a FREE survey request we completed a comprehensive damp and timber survey at a mid terraced house in Yeovil, which had recently become unoccupied. Our written report indicated areas that had evidence of Rising damp, Condensation and Timber floor structutre degradation due to both Woodworm and Wet rot

How do you know if woodworm is active ?

Often following a building survey 'woodworm' is reported to be present particularly in roof or floor timbers and the possibility of catastrophic structural failure is indicated. In truth such destruction is rarely seen however it is always a possibility and as such every indication of an infestation should be inspected and remedial work taken as necessary.

The hardest part of the process is to correctly diagnose if activity is present or historical so to start with there are some easy indicators:

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