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Cavity Wall Tie Replacement

When wall ties have failed it is commonly due to rusting particularly to aged metal ties and as a result of this a number of structural issues can become apparent. Walls may bulge and buckle, horizontal cracks may appear and roof damage can even occur when rusting ties expand increasing the height of the outer leaf.

The failure of ties can also be attributed to incorrectly bedded ties, poorly mixed mortar reducing its strength and even too few ties being used in an elevation. Wall ties that are installed at an angle can also lead to penetrating damp allowing water to travel from outer to inner leaf.

A weathered exposed wall can in turn accelerate wall tie failure particularly in aged properties as can some mortars such as black ash where high levels of sulphur can degrade galvanised coatings if moisture has entered.

We can accurately diagnose the problem and provide a comprehensive specification with a number of solutions and types of replacement ties available. From Thor helical ties to resin bonded and neoprene expanding ties depending on your buildings construction and the issue identified.

If you have any concerns or if a pre purchase building survey has highlighted issues, then call us today 0800 161 3078 or complete the contact form and we can provide advice or a free of charge survey.

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