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Crack Stitching

Cracks in the walls of your home can appear both internally and externally and not every crack requires repair.  Some may be due to the drying of new plaster and redecoration works are normally sufficient. The basic classification of cracks in buildings starts with their width and quantity and normally a crack up to 15mm can be repaired without extensive rebuilding of sections of wall.

Even when a cavity wall is present a crack in the outer leaf may lead to rainwater penetrating the building and damp issues will prevail. Even small cracks can distort a wall to such an extent that windows and doors start to stick.

We will assess the severity of any visible cracks and provide clear advice as to how to proceed. There are a number of equipment manufacturers available we most commonly use the Thor Helical system where a stainless steel bar is laid into a chase in the mortar line using a flexible grout and then the mortar joint is repointed. Repairs are invisible and permanent.

If you have any concerns or if a pre purchase building survey has highlighted issues, then call us today 0800 161 3078 or complete the contact form and we can provide advice or a free of charge survey.

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