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External Rendering

Render has been used as a common external coating to buildings since the early 19th Century and is used both as an aesthetic characteristic and as a remedial solution. We are experts in all types of render using sand, cement, lime and modern silicone coloured renders such as K rend.

There are a number of reasons that render may be required and we can accommodate all of these providing a simple and accurate specification and quotation. It may be that existing render requires repair or total replacement or that it was originally taken to ground level and as such bridged a damp proof course, in this case we can cut back the bridging render and add a ‘Bellcast’ bead above 150mm from the ground level. This trim is designed to take rainwater away from the base of the wall and we would then blend into the existing render with a matched texture.

Finishes can be smooth or textured with a variety of methods and styles from pebble dash and rough cast to ‘Tyrolean’ which is available in pre-mixed bags with varying pigments.

The application of render appears a straight forward process but it is often completed incorrectly with inaccurate mixing, poor preparation and failure to apply coats correctly. For instance, the first coat should not normally exceed 15mm and it should be scratched or combed. This is assumed to be to provide a key for subsequent coats and while this is true it is just as important in the provision of stress relief points for the new drying render. If not ‘scratched’ correctly then large cracks can appear and in turn water may ingress.

Correctly repaired or replaced render can be an effective solution for penetrating damp it can also be a less invasive method of repairing damaged or weathered bricks and blocks. Cracks in render can be a sign of further issues such as wall tie failure or structural movement so If you have any concerns then call us today 0800 161 3078 or complete the contact form and we can provide advice or a free of charge survey.

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