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Mould Eradication

Mould growth most often occurs as a result of condensation and is particularly prevalent around window frames, behind furniture positioned on external walls and in poorly ventilated cupboards and wardrobes. We can provide advice, cleaning products and can even undertake the works for you. We can provide anti mould additives for paint and plaster or even premixed anti mould paints.

There have been numerous reports on the effects of condensation related mould on health but for the most part it normally most severely affects the elderly and the young and those with asthma or eczema. It can be destructive to internal decoration and soft furnishings and will often affect timber or leather goods.

Whilst a diluted bleach solution is reported to clean the mould away and most supermarkets will sell a mould and mildew spray this will commonly only provide temporary relief from the problem.

We can diagnose the cause of the mould providing a solution to high condensation levels, poor ventilation or substandard insulation. Once the cause has been dealt with and the mould is starved of its food and water source we can provide a comprehensive clean down programme.

Areas of mould growth are cleaned and sterilised which would include at least a meter beyond the mould growth. Walls and ceilings are dried then paint and paper is removed and disposed of. The areas are repainted with a premixed anti mould paint or with an emulsion and anti mould additive.

If you have mould on walls or ceilings, in cupboards or wardrobes then call us today 0800 161 3078 or complete the contact form and we can provide advice or a free of charge survey.

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