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Penetrating Damp

Penetrating damp is most often due to rainwater ingress and for the most part occurs in solid wall constructions where no cavity is present. Reports of penetration in modern cavity walls are often because of poor build quality such as mortar droppings or incorrectly positioned wall ties causing a bridge. Normally identified by stains on the internal walls on any level and at any point on the wall.

If you have symptoms and your walls are of a solid construction, there may be factors which are exasperating the problem such as:

Damaged or defective guttering, downpipes or hoppers.

Deteriorating or missing pointing.

Cracks in render or notably hollow sections (blown).

Gaps or cracks around windows, doors, airbricks or external vents.

Where a single skin construction has been converted to habitable use.

  • Correct diagnosis can be difficult and symptoms are often misleading with dampness occurring some distance from the point of entry. Often condensation can also be present due to the reduced temperature of the wall (high water content makes the wall colder) and if hygroscopic salts are present then stains can appear at times of heavy rain simply due to moisture in the air.
  • There are a number of solutions to the problem including cavity clearance, repointing, replacement or repair of rainwater goods and in solid wall construction there is a range of specialist external treatments. In many case due to logistics and cost issues internal works are completed which include membranes and insulated boards preventing internal spoiling at the same time as improving insulation.
  • If you have visible symptoms, then call us today 0800 161 3078 or complete the contact form and we can provide advice or a free of charge survey.

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