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We can accurately diagnose and remedy all you timber issues should that be woodworm or fungal decay. You may have common furniture beetle in your loft timbers or dry rot in the sub floor timber structure whatever the problem we can fix it.

It may simply be a small section of timber wall plate in your bay window flooring which has succumbed to wet rot and as such your floor dips and moves under foot. We will replace the timber and provide a suitable membrane to prevent reoccurrence. If there are issues with the adjacent masonry structure such as rising or penetrating damp then we can deal with this also.

A pre purchase survey by your mortgage provider has indicated that there is woodworm in the roof timbers we will inspect and report on our findings identifying the type of wood boring beetle and the available treatments along with a fixed price for any required works.

Already repaired a bathroom leak may have encouraged the growth of dry rot behind a section of studwork or below a timber floor this can spread and consume timbers such as skirting boards and architrave or more concerning still have moved into flooring joists or timber lintels posing a structural issue. Correct diagnosis is essential to ensure the treatment is affective as Dry rot can be very aggressive and persistent and we are experienced in its total eradication.

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