Condensation Control

Wessex Damp and Timber investigated this property to find the cause of the mould growth.

Condensation Control in Bristol

In July we were asked by a landlord to investigate condensation levels in a 3-bedroom semi-detached house in Bristol.

The property had just been vacated and now required complete redecoration works before it could be presented for rental again. Whilst in occupation the previous tenants had complained about mould growth on the walls and on possessions.

Whilst unoccupied it was difficult to make an assessment on the levels of condensation that were due to poor lifestyle choices and those that occurred due to poor ventilation, insulation and layout. On inspection mould spotting was found in all the bedrooms and to the bathroom ceiling. In one bedroom it was particularly bad were furniture had been positioned against an external wall.

Options for remedial work were presented to the client and it was decided to replace the inline bathroom extractor with an improved unit and to install a Drimaster Heat PIV unit to the loft to vent into the central hallway. Advice was given to the client in relation to the cleaning of the mould and we provided an anti mould additive MCS 3 which can be added to a normal emulsion paint to assist in the prevention of mould spotting.

The tenants vacating and the redecoration due to mould growth would cost the Landlord around £2000 our remedial works would ensure this didn’t happen again.

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Services We Offer

Some of the services we offer in property preservation

If you have issues in your home such as peeling paint or loose plaster, mould spotting or visible stains and ‘tide’ marks then you may have a damp problem and if so we have the solution. Whether it’s rising or penetrating damp we will provide you with a diagnosis and the solution.

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Condensation in its simplest form is when moist air comes into contact with colder air or a colder surface and the water contained in the air is released to form condensation in the air or on the surface. It often results in black mould growth on walls and surfaces or you can see water droplets.

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Aged and Period properties can often be cold and condensation will form on external walls, we can provide various types of solid insulation and often incorporate this with a level of damp proofing. Internal temperatures will improve and mould spotting reduces.

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