Failed Damp Proof Membrane?

A client in Somerset needed a damp proofing course to repair this self contained annex and instructed Wessex Damp and Timber to carry out the works.

Damp proofing in Somerset

200MM of concrete in your floor slab will not protect you from Rising Damp without an appropriate Damp Proof Membrane (DPM) this was exactly what we discovered following a Free of charge survey at a property in Bristol. The building was a self contained annex built in the last 10 years and from early on the ower had no end of damp related issues with wet carpets and mould to the walls, losing valuable revenue from exiting tenants and the replacement flooring and redecorating.

The issues we found where many and varied but the most destructive of these was a failed or non existent DPM to the floor and no visible Damp Proof Course (DPC) to the inner skin of blockwork. The walls had plasterboard adhered to them (dot & dab) as an internal finish though this had been taken right down to floor level or even further ? When the lower sections of plasterboard had been removed, these where all wet and covered in mould, it appeared that the boards had been fitted then a further floor screed laid, maybe the builders realised that they had forgotten to lay a membrane ?

We provided the owner with a full written report and a quotation for works to rectify the situation, happy with our specification and price the work commenced.

Removal of the plasterboard had identified a vulnerable floor/wall junction creating an unhindered passage for water to move up into the floor, to this area we installed a Fillet Seal in conjunction with tanking slurry. A chemical damp proof course was inserted into the inner leaf of blockwork and the floor slab was prepared with primer as necessary and a thorough clean to remove any looses debris or contaminants. To the floor we applied 2 coats of Epoxy Floor Membrane Resin, on consecutive days and to the area of kitchen that was to be finished with floor tiles we included a Quartz Aggregiate to allow a key for the adhesive.

The property was then left to dry and for the DPC to work, with walls drying out above the course, so that plasterboard could be installed with an appropriate gap between it and the floor ! Works complete and customer happy.

If you have any of the issues above or any other Damp or Timber related worries then give us a call today on 0800 161 3078 or complete the survey request form on this site, we will arrange a time to visit at your convenience and you will receive a Damp & Timber survey report that is easy to understand with advice or a cost for any work that may be needed.

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Some of the services we offer in property preservation

If you have issues in your home such as peeling paint or loose plaster, mould spotting or visible stains and ‘tide’ marks then you may have a damp problem and if so we have the solution. Whether it’s rising or penetrating damp we will provide you with a diagnosis and the solution.

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Condensation in its simplest form is when moist air comes into contact with colder air or a colder surface and the water contained in the air is released to form condensation in the air or on the surface. It often results in black mould growth on walls and surfaces or you can see water droplets.

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Aged and Period properties can often be cold and condensation will form on external walls, we can provide various types of solid insulation and often incorporate this with a level of damp proofing. Internal temperatures will improve and mould spotting reduces.

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