What to do when woodworm strikes

August and September are the normal times when adult beetles will exit from timber, commonly referred to as Woodworm, though this title does cover a multitude of hungry wood munching beetles they have spent their life since being deposited as eggs chewing through your loft and floor timbers.

The Larvae is the culprit that causes the damage as the eggs are laid in cracks and joints and the holes that are seen indicate the adult beetle leaving the timber. Many aged timbers will already have holes visible in them and so it can often be difficult to diagnose if activity is present or historical. One useful tip is to put some strips of masking tape on areas that you suspect are subject to a wood boring beetle then tell tale holes in the tape will confirm their presence. Dust below the holes will also show that activity is ongoing or you may actually see beetles and larvae (keep these as it helps to identify the type and subsequent treatment).

If you do have some evidence then the holes are most likely to be 1-2mm in diameter which would normally suggest Common furniture beetle. This is easily treated with a chemical wood spray which will also prevent Wet & Dry rot and keep further infestation at bay.

If you have any visible degradation in roof or flooring timbers then give us a call today to arrange a Free of charge survey.

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Services We Offer

Some of the services we offer in property preservation

If you have issues in your home such as peeling paint or loose plaster, mould spotting or visible stains and ‘tide’ marks then you may have a damp problem and if so we have the solution. Whether it’s rising or penetrating damp we will provide you with a diagnosis and the solution.

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Condensation in its simplest form is when moist air comes into contact with colder air or a colder surface and the water contained in the air is released to form condensation in the air or on the surface. It often results in black mould growth on walls and surfaces or you can see water droplets.

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Aged and Period properties can often be cold and condensation will form on external walls, we can provide various types of solid insulation and often incorporate this with a level of damp proofing. Internal temperatures will improve and mould spotting reduces.

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